Semi-finished or finished goods?
Assemblies or components?
Complete series?

Since 1977 we have been developing industrial expertise which enables us to offer individual customer concepts. novia is always geared to implementing your requirements in the best possible way. In the following markets we have been supplying the brand manufacturers below for many years now:

▪ Automobile supply industry
▪ Furniture industry
▪ Plumbing
▪ Building hardware industry

We offer you what you need: flexible, tailor-made production.

Thanks to our production experience in the Far East, we have a network of experienced global cooperation partners which – depending on requirements – work as specialists in the field of small, medium or large-scale production. Our partners are supported by our own employees at all stages of the value-creation process according to a project management system standardised by us.


Would you like technical or decorative surface treatment of your products? We only work together with companies that have their own surface treatment facilities or with partners approved by us. Novia stands out from the crowd by fulfilling the highest standards in the plumbing and automobile supply industry. The following are the main processes which are used:

  • Galvanic functional or decorative surfaces
  • Anodisation
  • Cataphoretic coatings
  • PVD coatings
  • Wet painting
  • Heat treatments
Zinc die casting

The die cast of zinc is a proven method with long-established applications. Long tool lives and good mould filling capabilities enable the precision casting of demanding geometries. New developments not only in casting technology, but also in surface treatment show that there are more and more fields of application for zinc die casting.

We have mastered the process together with our exclusively certified partners, including all the necessary forms of processing with individual weights from 0.002 kg to 2.0 kg and with all common alloys according to EN 12844. Wall thicknesses of 0.8 mm and varying wall thicknesses are new requirements that novia is already able to work with.

novia is also comfortable in particular with the “Champions League” zinc die casting: the galvanic finishing of the zinc product according to sanitary and automotive standards!

Brass /non-ferrous metals

We manufacture products made of brass for a wide variety of applications:

  • Electrical industry
  • Lighting industry
  • Plumbing industry

Upon request we also produce other non-ferrous metals of all common manufacturing methods.

Die-cast aluminium

We manufacture components or finished articles for you made of die-cast aluminium with a wide range of different international alloys with piece weights from 0.005 kg to 5.0 kg for highly differentiated applications.

The spectrum ranges from building hardware articles, through household goods and pump housings to refined products for the plumbing industry with the highest surface demands.

Tools — Quality, made by novia

Do you need any tools?

Then why not have a tool constructed by novia in the Far East according to your specifications?

Our employees oversee the project with regard to the article design, tool design, mould filling analysis, steel selection up to the “running-in” of the tool in your production or at your partners.

Our priorities:

  • Plastic injection moulding tools
  • Zinc die-casting tools
  • Stamping progressive die tools

We manufacture products for you which are made of steel, for example, with and without surface treatment and with a very high level of vertical integration from materials in accordance with your specifications or our suggestions:

  • Punching and bending parts,
  • Deep drawn parts,
  • Milling and turning parts,
  • Welded constructions
Chill casting

In the chill casting process we essentially manufacture products for the building hardware and furniture sector. These are products which after casting are provided with a high mechanical reworking portion and a decorative anodised coating.

Both gravity and low-pressure casting are also used by our partners for small batch series.


We process all common types of plastic for technical or decorative products as a complementary product or individual part. Novia is familiar with all common surface treatments of plastic parts.

Common polymers are:

  • Polypropylenes
  • ABS
  • Polyamide
  • Polystyrene
  • Polyethylene
Investment casting

Investment casting using the lost wax process is considered to be the oldest casting technology method overall. We only work with the best and most experienced investment casters.

From the production drawing, through creation of the wax model, production of the ceramic shell to the casting process – everything is planned intensively in detail before the start of production! Post-processing on state-of-the-art CNC, milling or turning machines guarantees the highest precision. Together with a protective technical or decorative surface, we manufacture your product in the best quality.


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